Isaiah Trousil

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury: In my junior year of high school football, I took a hard hit to my left shoulder. A family friend/physical therapist recommended Dr. Foad to my mom. He stated that he had seen multiple high school athletes who had successful surgeries with Dr. Foad. He was quickly available to evaluate my injury. After the MRI, Dr. Foad diagnosed my injury as a Bankart tear. Dr. Foad spent time discussing the pros and cons of having immediate surgery verses waiting after my junior year of track or my senior year of football or both. Dr. Foad understood the importance of my dreams to play sports at the collegiate level; however, he also explained possible complications of waiting for surgery, such as arthritis or further injury to my shoulder. With much thought and discussion with my parents, I held off on surgery until my senior year of football was complete. Dr. Foad was able to quickly re-evaluate my shoulder for further damage and do the surgery shortly after the season ended. Recovery is going great and I will be ready to run for my senior year of track and attempt to defend some state titles. Dr. Foad has kept in close contact with my physical therapist and family. He is extremely professional but has also become a family friend in the process. Dr. Foad can relate to the excitement of competing at a collegiate level. He is supportive of my dream to play college football and track at the University of Northern Iowa and hopefully someday at a professional level. I would highly recommend Dr. Foad to anyone and especially any young athlete with dreams to succeed.

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