In most cases, Dr. Foad would ideally like to see each of his patients for post-operative visits following the timeline below:

  • 3-7 days post-operative
  • 4 to 6 weeks post-operative (depending on procedure type)
  • 5 months post-operative
  • 6 months post-operative
  • 9-12 months post-operative

You can schedule a clinic visit with Dr. Foad 8:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.

The Mercy Specialty Clinic – Clinton is closed weekends and holidays. Please call 563.244.5900 to schedule. If you require assistance or have difficulty with regards to pain management or nausea and vomiting after hours, holidays, or weekends; please call our office at 563.244.5900 to reach the on-call physician.

Physical Therapy:  Dr. Foad recommends all of his patients start physical therapy within the first few days after surgery or when discharged from the surgery facility. The surgery facility requires you to have an adult family member or friend with you at discharge. Before you are discharged from the surgery facility, Dr. Foad will dictate a custom-made, post-operative rehabilitation plan for you to start with your physical therapist. Your designated therapist will also receive the “Plan of Care” prior to your arrival to therapy. If you are local, Dr. Foad uses a designated group of physical and/or occupational therapists that understand his procedures and are well versed in his post-operative protocols.  This is done in order to optimize your recovery in a safe and efficient manner.

If you are not local to Clinton or the Quad Cities area, Dr. Foad or his team will contact your physical therapist and communicate with them regarding the “Plan of Care” and any other expectations.  He is available anytime for your therapist to reach him with any questions or concerns.  His team of therapists will also be glad to assist with any questions or concerns and can explain the post-operative protocols to your physical therapist back home.

Cooling Device: You may be discharged with an ice machine. Please contact the company representative to learn about when to return the machine, rental fees, and any other questions you may have.  Most often, the representative will discuss proper use and instructions with you and your family member(s) prior to surgery.

Responsible Party: The surgery facilities require you have an adult (family member or friend) with you for discharge after surgery.  Depending on what type of surgery you will have, you may need to make arrangements ahead of time for assistance with bathing and personal hygiene, house chores, pet care and grocery shopping.

Driving: Based on your procedure you will be notified after your procedure when you may drive. Please make sure you have transportation to and from surgery.

Crutches/Walkers/Brace(s): Please bring or discuss with Dr. Foad’s team any equipment to your visit for approval. If your equipment is not recommended, we will direct you to a company who can provide the best equipment for your diagnosis and treatment.  Prepare your home with more room for mobility, hallway lights, and please remove throw rugs or any other objects that may increase your risk of slipping/tripping.  Please take your time when getting in and out of the chair, bed or shower.  There is no rush!

Traveling: It is best to avoid flying for as long as possible after surgery. We recommend waiting 10-14 days to fly, in order to prevent blood clots. If you plan to fly within 14 days, we can provide you with medication so you may fly safely. Each procedure performed is unique. Dr. Foad will notify each patient of his/her expected physical therapy protocol and frequency and duration of treatment at your first post-operative visit.  Please refer to post-operative visit page.

Follow any discharge instructions from Dr. Foad’s discharge orders and the facility where you had your surgery.

Important Contacts:

Mercy Specialty Clinic – Clinton

T: 563.244.5900

Office Visits Available Tuesday / Thursday
Surgery Available Monday / Friday