Christopher D. Vens

Elbow Patient - Sports Injury

Elbow Patient – Sports Injury: Dr. Foad has performed two out-patient orthopaedic procedures for me. From the time of my initial consultation with Dr. Foad I was completely at ease. His positive attitude and confidence made me feel comfortable with the idea of surgery.

In 2010 Dr. Foad performed an elbow tendon debridement and reattachment to relieve severe tennis elbow. I have complete extension of my elbow. In 2013 he performed an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair to my right shoulder. Today I have full range of motion and strength in my shoulder.

Dr. Foad takes the necessary time to explain exactly what he is going to do and what he expects for your outcome. He explains the recovery and rehabilitation process so there are no surprises. We are fortunate to have such a talented surgeon in our community.

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