Bobby Bohannon

Shoulder Patient

Shoulder Patient: I came to see Dr. Foad as an invincible 24-year-old who had never broken a bone or ever been severely hurt for that matter.  I had broken the lateral end of my left clavicle, had a small separation in my shoulder and completely tore the tendon that holds it all together!

Impressive right, well-being as I was I didn’t believe it and wasn’t thrilled about having to have surgery for two reasons.  1. I had just recently started a new job and didn’t want to miss a bunch of time after just starting, and 2. I just didn’t think I needed it.

Dr. Foad took the time to explain to me all of my options and the advantages and disadvantages of each!  I was impressed most by the attention to detail and the way he was able to explain everything in a way I could understand it.  So I underwent with the recommended surgery and now I feel like it is better than before.  After the surgery was over and we were moving towards recovery, Dr. Foad went over several pictures of what he had done and about my options for therapy.  As I went through my therapy I would often get a call from his office or I would see him stop in to see how everything was progressing.  Overall I was very satisfied with my care and would not think twice on where to go if I had to have another surgery. The patient care doesn’t just land there with the Dr. himself, his staff of nurses and everyone in the office are great! Waiting room times were always minimal and the patient care was always great. Because of this excellent care I am able to continue doing the many activities I have enjoyed throughout life and taking for granted!  So if you have any injuries or problems that require orthopaedic care, I highly recommend Dr. Foad for your choice of care.  He will not only be an excellent Doctor, but most likely a lifelong friend,

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