Vijay Puri, DC

Professional Colleague

Professional Colleague: As a former, practicing sports injury Chiropractor, there was nobody I would rather have worked hand in hand in with for patient rehabilitation other than Dr. Foad. In my line of my work, patient rehabilitation from a sports specific injury, was of a time sensitive nature. I needed someone with a superior knowledge base that worked closely with the area’s top experts in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Whether the injury would require surgery, or, simply an exercise program, I would choose Dr. Foad over anyone to get these patients well. Dr. Foad uses Olympic level therapy for even the non-Olympic athletes, and that shows that he cares about EVERYONE regardless of the severity of their injuries and rehabilitation. Dr. Foad was always in close contact with myself, as well as the patients, in order to optimize the best possible outcome for each patient. What was most important to me was that Dr. Foad understood the importance of rehabilitation to the recovery process, and we were able to provide the unequivocal best standard in care.

Today, even as an out of state Nutritional Coach to clients around the world, I send my athletes to see Dr. Foad, regardless of where they are coming from, or the subject of their injuries. I truly believe that there is nobody better in providing rehabilitative care, surgical precision, and therapeutic excellence with attention to the patient’s needs to get back to their field of play, or place of work.

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