Scott Nicoletto

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury: I first met Dr. Foad in 2004. At that time I was a serious bodybuilder who suffered a traumatic injury to my shoulder three years earlier. The shoulder was repaired by another surgeon, and continued to cause me problems. I was struggling to find a doctor in the area who understood not only the nature of my injury, but the mindset and goals I had. Dr. Foad had a very clear understanding of this, having been an athlete himself. After meeting with more than one surgeon, Dr. Foad seemed to be the only one who talked to me about new methods and procedures being done by other doctors he studied and worked with all over the country.  He could cite many specific examples to me of different scenarios he had been a part of, and how they might apply to my treatment. He was very upfront with me in letting me know what realistic expectations I could have post surgery, and that my shoulder would likely require more attention as I aged. Since then, he has continued to care for and monitor my progress.

It was very apparent by follow-up appointments after surgery that Dr. Foad’s number one concern is his patients’ proper recovery and success.  I have never consulted with another doctor, in any field, who has shown the level of passion I feel Dr. Foad has for his job, and the well being of his patients. He has spoken to me of the ongoing education and cooperative procedures he continues to pursue to further progress in his field. Always taking the time to answer questions, I have never felt rushed or insignificant in his care. I have recommended his service to multiple friends and acquaintances, who have all been very happy with their results, and grateful for the introduction. I would highly recommend Dr. Foad to anyone in need of an orthopaedic surgeon, or a second opinion from someone you can trust.

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