Scott Jackson

Shoulder Patient

Shoulder Patient: I was referred to Dr. Foad by several medical professionals for a consultation approximately five years ago after suffering complications with my right arm and shoulder for over two years after an accident.  After seeking medical attention from multiple doctors with varying diagnosis I was very hesitant to proceed further with any treatment.  Upon meeting Dr. Foad and having him evaluate me I appreciated and understood his communication with me. My previous evaluations consisted merely of x-rays and doctor consults; however it was immediately apparent when being evaluated by Dr. Foad and his staff that he is vested in both you as a patient and in leading research. I was asked to be included in a study and was subjected to a very thorough and extensive set of evaluations and documentation. He was very articulate and really took the time to make sure I understood his diagnosis and my options.  At no time did I ever feel like he was rushed and I feel confident that if I would have had two hours’ worth of questions that he would have taken the entire time to make sure I understood and was comfortable. I elected to have him perform my surgery which consisted of repairing my rotator cuff, labrum, bicep and scapula. Post-surgery, his explanation of recovery and expectations were dead on as I proceeded through physical therapy. I think it is worth noting that he explained his recommendations through physical therapy were not that of other surgeons and for me not to expect my recovery to be anything like what I may have heard from other individuals who have went through similar repairs and he was accurate. It is evident through my experience that Dr. Foad’s approach to a patient’s treatment and recovery is a team effort and not just that of doctor/patient, but includes his associate doctors, nursing staff and recommended physical therapist. I found his facilities and entire staff to be first class.

Since my surgery I have recommended Dr. Foad to several friends and colleagues alike as I am a Safety Director for a large industrial/commercial construction company. I have had additional direct experience with other individuals under Dr. Foad’s care, all who have experienced and expressed their complete satisfaction and appreciation. It is because of these experiences and my personal 100% recovery that I could not recommend anyone more highly than Dr. Foad.

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