Rhonda Hogan

Shoulder Patient

Shoulder Patient: A friend referred me to Dr. Foad for a torn rotator cuff. I am very thankful for the referral because Dr. Foad is an excellent orthopedic surgeon, which is clearly seen in the success of my case. He surgically repaired my shoulder, worked closely with the therapist who provided my physical therapy following surgery, and thoroughly followed up with my post surgical care.

Dr. Foad is in solo private practice which is less common today because many physicians choose to work in large group settings. Personally, I feel his small practice is an asset to the way he delivers his care because he was personally invested in my treatment from the first phone call to the last appointment. The care I received from him and his staff was exceptional. Coupling Dr. Foad’s compassion with his skillful work helps him achieve what I believe is his primary goal—keeping patient care the central focus of his practice.

Dr. Foad was very thorough when he explained the treatment options to me. He took ample time and patiently answered all my questions, and I felt very comfortable with what he proposed for me. He never once made me feel pressured to go through with the surgery, but rather he laid all my options out on the table for me and then let me decide what was the best route. Immediately following surgery, he met with my family to discuss how he performed the procedure.

I feel very fortunate to have met Dr. Foad, and I am very satisfied with the successful treatment I received. Today, I am completely healed, pain-free, and very happy with my end result.

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