Randy Thompson

Knee Patient – Sports Injury

Knee Patient – Sports Injury: As a Water Skier with the Backwater Gamblers for 20 years I unfortunately had a free style jump fall resulting in an injured knee in the summer of 2016.   My two older sisters instructed me that I would go to Dr. Foad as they were both under his care at that point in time for their own water skiing injuries.  They were both very impressed with Dr. Foad’s Orthopedic care and his honest communication of options based upon the diagnosis.  At the time of the injury my family and I were registered for a Marathon to take place in seven months.  Thus the speed of treatment was important to me to hold that commitment    I was able to have my first appointment, secure and receive results of the MRI, and get the surgery for a torn meniscus in eight days.  I was impressed with Dr. Foad and his nursing and surgical team.   The physical therapist recommended played an important role in my recovery and I knew they would be outstanding because of course my sister let me know that as well.  I was able to complete that Marathon not just by myself, but also with my wife and two daughters crossing the finish line together.  I experienced no knee pain from the meniscus during the marathon.   Dr. Foad takes a personal interest in your recovery and makes sure it will be complete.  I was not happy losing the rest of the ski season nor how long I had to wait to run again, but he knew what he was doing and I complied.   Dr. Foad and his family even took the time to attend their first Backwater Gamblers Ski Show since they had the “ Thompson Trifecta” under treatment.     My sisters and I really appreciated that personal connection beyond the exam room that he and his wife created by taking the time to come to see a water ski show.  I will certainly recommend Dr. Foad to my friends or family in need of an excellent Orthopedic Surgeon.

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