Michael Miller

Shoulder Patient - Sports Injury

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury: As a patient who has undergone two unsuccessful left shoulder surgeries with orthopedists in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, I was looking for a well-respected surgeon with shoulder expertise to repair my joint.  Dr. Foad came highly recommended to me from a relative who practices radiology in the Quad Cities area so I decided that it was worth the travel time and expense to confer with him about my situation.  Not only was Dr. Foad extremely thorough in my examination and the review of my tests and records, he took the extra time to explain to me exactly what his plans were for my shoulder repair and what to expect in terms of recovery time and therapy.  Feeling extremely confident in his ability to correct the damage to my left shoulder, I scheduled my surgery.

In the time between meeting with Dr. Foad and my surgery date, I injured my right shoulder even more severely than my left and was in a great deal of pain.  I promptly had an MRI and sent the images to Dr. Foad.  He, again, took great care in explaining to me the damage the MRI was showing to my right shoulder and agreed to examine me and perform this surgery on the scheduled original date.

After surgery, Dr. Foad explained everything that occurred during surgery utilizing photographs of the operation to show the torn bicep and rotator cuff and the extensive repairs that were necessary.  He also went through these again with me at my follow-up appointment a week later to answer any additional questions that I had.  I have not had any physician spend as much time with me and exhibit so much concern about my condition and recovery as Dr. Foad and his staff did.  Since I was returning to Cincinnati for my rehabilitation, not only did he write up detailed instructions for my physical therapist, but Dr. Foad also called my local therapist personally to clarify exactly what my individualized program was to be and his nurse followed up with the therapist to ensure my needs were being met.

My recovery is going well and I plan to return to Dr. Foad next fall to have my left shoulder repaired.  I feel that Dr. Foad is an exceptional surgeon who really cares about his patients.  His staff is excellent and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing joint repair.

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