Michael Green

Shoulder and Total Knee Replacement Patient

Shoulder and Total Knee Replacement Patient: I first met Dr. Foad when he scoped my daughter Samantha’s knee following a soccer injury. I appreciated the care and time he took with her and his willingness to explore other options before surgery. Her quick recovery was appreciated by myself and her soccer team. When I hurt my shoulders, Dr. Foad was my first choice. His diligence in diagnosing and explaining the procedure to me was excellent. I liked how closely he worked with my physical therapist, which helped in my full and speedy recovery. After a painful knee injury, I again sought out Dr. Foad for diagnosis and treatment. When knee replacement surgery became the only option for me, his skills, compassion, expertise, and my complete trust in him made the surgery an easy decision. Once again, his ongoing communication with the physical therapist and his excellent follow-up lead to a very successful and speedy outcome for me. I am very grateful for his caring and thoroughness and I highly recommend him.

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