Matt Fischer

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury: I am an avid weight lifter, work out enthusiast, golfer, and runner. So, when my right shoulder started to hurt and would not stop hurting regardless of the number IBUPROFEN I took…I knew it was time to seek professional help. As active as I was (am) and owning a small business that services the Fitness Industry, I could not afford to make a mistake with my diagnosis, care, and recovery. So, I immediately picked up the phone and called Dr. Foad. I had come to know Dr. Foad through my business and knew he would address my injury with the greatest of care while keeping my active lifestyle in mind.

Dr. Foad quickly diagnosed me with a torn labrum and recommended a plan that would get me back to active as soon as possible. It was hard to accept that I was broken and with the help of his staff and his approach to the “fix” I was confident I would not be down for long.

Today, I am just as active as I was before (maybe a bit more careful). I still workout almost every day, play golf, run, and help with every aspect of my small business…including deliveries.

I highly recommend Dr. Foad and his staff for your Orthopaedic needs.

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