Kara Stetson

Shoulder Patient - Sports Injury

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury: I had injured by shoulder playing volleyball and knew it was torn, but didn’t quite know how bad. After graduating from college and starting a family, I put surgery on the back burner. Then as my children got a bit older and as I was able to devote more time to fitness again, I realized that I wanted (and deserved) a healthy and functional shoulder, and began my search for the perfect shoulder surgeon – one who had lot’s of experience with current and former athletes who desire to make fitness a part of their lives, forever. After asking around, Dr. Foad’s name kept coming up! Now I know why!

As soon as I met him, I liked him. He is a wonderful listener with lots of experience, and did a great job of answering my questions, asking me about my goals, and making me feel comfortable. My right labrum was completely torn, and he was able to repair it so well that I have more strength in that shoulder than ever before, and I am able to do anything I want! Even CrossFit! Granted, I worked very hard to rehab that shoulder with the help of an awesome Physical Therapist who Dr. Foad recommended. They both helped me stay positive and focused throughout the rehab process, and without them, I wouldn’t have the quality of life that I have today.

Dr. Foad is a true professional and one of the best physicians in his field. I feel so lucky to have him as my surgeon, and friend, and would recommend him to anyone and everyone! I am living proof that a serious injury does not have to prevent you from having the lifestyle that you want. With a great surgeon, physical therapist, and a lot of hard work, you can be pain free and as active as you want to be.

Thank you, Dr. Foad, for giving me my life back!

Video Shows Shoulder patient, Kara Stetson, doing kipping pull-ups after shoulder reconstruction


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