Kameron Cooper

Bilateral Shoulder Patient

Bilateral Shoulder Patient: Throughout my high school sports career (2012-2016), I was unfortunately required to have my first significant labrum surgery on my right shoulder in the fall of 2012.  Even though we lived over two hours from Dr. Foad, recommendation led me to Dr. Foads place of practice.  Throughout the consultation, he made me feel very comfortable, maintain a positive attitude and he didn’t make me feel like I was just a number, but I was a family member.

He took the time from the MRI reading to the surgical procedure in the consultation, to explain in detail, what was wrong with my shoulder and how he was going to repair the tear.  I was very truthful with Dr. Foad that I wanted back on the football field for the next football season.  He told me that if I followed his rehab process I would be back on the field for the next football season. I am so glad I followed his orders, because I had a very successful recovery that enabled me to start for the Varsity Football Team in the fall of 2013. I had the time of my life and played pain free.  After Dr. Foad released me to play I started lifting with free weights again, putting on muscle mass and increased my strength while maintaining a pain free lifestyle.  The fall of 2014 was the year I will never forget, I broke a rushing record that had been held for 25 years and I was still pain free in the right shoulder, unfortunately, I had a dislocation problem in my left shoulder.  I found out my left labrum was torn (reverse bankart).  The next fall was going to be my last time to ever step foot on the field and I wanted to play football.  There was no question as to who was going to perform the surgery, because I knew Dr. Foad would get me back on the field.  My success story is totally contributed to Dr. Foad (he takes pride in his work) and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone, because I’m still pain free, after two shoulder surgeries and playing football for four years.

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