John and Jane Overbeeke

Carpal Tunnel and Knee Patients

Carpal Tunnel and Knee Patients: Ten years ago I had carpel tunnel release surgery at ORA. The surgery was a success, but the procedure required a 3″ incision and recovery was long. I was in pain for at least one week following the procedure and required rehab for several more weeks before I regained function of my hand. Overall it was a six week recovery.

Not to long ago, my wife saw Dr. Foad for problems with her hand and wrist. She also required carpel tunnel release surgery. Dr. Foad explained that he uses a minimal invasive procedure that greatly reduces recovery time. She had the surgery and I was amazed at how quickly she was back to normal, the next day she was doing things with her hand I could not have attempted for six weeks.

Recently I developed similar problems with my other hand, so I went to Dr. Foad and he performed the same minimal invasive procedure that my wife had. I now had a basis for comparison. After the surgery I suffered no pain, soreness or stiffness. Within a few days I was totally back to normal with my hand and I was able to do all of my hobbies without hand pain. The incision was less than 1/2″.

Dr. Foad has also helped me greatly overcome knee joint problems. For orthopedic health related issues, there is nobody else our family would ever think to see. He is a compassionate doctor that makes you feel like your problem is his only focus. When you call his office he get you an appointment almost immediately. He spends time explaining option and recommendations. I believe we are very fortunate to have him here in the quad cities delivering orthopedic care and performing the latest procedure that typically would only be available in big cities.

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