Joe Michaelsen

Knee and Shoulder Patient

Knee and Shoulder Patient: My name is Joe Michaelsen, I just recovered from shoulder surgery performed by Dr. Foad. This is the 3rd surgery Dr.Foad has performed on me. He scoped both my right and left knees and now shoulder surgery. Each time I have been evaluated by Dr. Foad, he has been very informational on the options for what he thought needed to be done and what other options were available. Each time I went with Dr.Foad’s suggestion to be done, and the outcome couldn’t have been better.

After each surgery Dr. Foad performed, he always explained to me what the recovery method was to be and followed my recovery very closely with the Physical Therapist he recommended. I have been completely satisfied with each procedure Dr. Foad performed me, regaining complete mobility each time in the time frame he gave me. If there is ever a need to see a Orthopedic Doctor again, there is not another doctor I would see
except for Dr. Foad. He has gained my complete trust.

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