Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury: I came to Dr. Foad with a grade 4-labrum tear in my right shoulder along with a torn bicep tendon while working out.  I feel it was an old injury that got worse while trying to improve my physical activity with doing cross fit. I was referred to Dr. Foad from another cross fit athlete from my gym.  Dr. Foad explained what was wrong with the shoulder in detail and how he could repair it for me allowing me to get back to the activities I was doing prior to the tear.  Dr. Foad was very attentive in setting an appointment to see me right away and get me set up for surgery ASAP. Dr. Foad kept me very informed from the first appointment to the MRI to the surgery and during the recovery.

As I went through physical therapy to complete my rehabilitation for my shoulder Dr. Foad was well informed of my progress.  Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the results of my surgery to the recovery. Dr. Foad was there during every step and kept me up to date on how my shoulder should be healing.  I would recommend Dr. Foad to anyone with injury requiring orthopedic care.

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