Jim Hetrick

Knee Patient – Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

Knee Patient – Bilateral Total Knee Replacement: Meeting Dr. Abdul Foad for the first time during an office visit was a very pleasant experience. While searching for an orthopaedic surgeon in 1998 for our son, Brian Hetrick, who had a torn ACL from college football, we looked no further finding Dr. Foad in a neighboring city from us.   He made us feel welcome and comfortable.  Without a doubt, we were ‘sold’ on him.

His explanation on the surgery was so explicit and thorough from the moment we walked into his office for the initial consultation.  Dr. Foad even shared his own experience of his surgery he received due to a torn ACL.  He carried through informing us every step of the way through the entire duration including the checkup afterwards.

Our son was back to the sport he loved, college football, thanks to a very successful surgery performed by a very professional Dr. Foad.

During this time, Dr. Foad became a very good friend of our family.  That was evident as he made time out of his very busy schedule to attend a football game the next season of our sons.  It was far more than we had expected from him.  That day made our son’s 21st birthday even more special.

This pleasant experience of originally meeting Dr. Foad had also turned into a very positive and rewarding one. Ten years later, our son lost his life at UIHC  as a result of a tragic motorcycle accident.  Dr. Foad’s supportiveness and condolences surpassed the thousands we received.  The heartfelt card of sympathy was written as if he’d known us forever.

More grateful yet in 2009, I (Brian’s father) was in need of a total knee replacement and was very fortunate to have Dr. Foad.  He had relocated a couple hours away and we knew he was well worth the extra travel. This was another very successful surgery we witnessed in our family.  I was able to walk comfortably, have high range of motion, and a straighter leg. That was the result, along with no more pain, as much pain was endured before the surgery.

Several years later at the age of 62, I was eager to have Dr. Foad replace my other knee, in the same manner as the previous one.  Extremely pleased, I was back on my feet in a reasonable amount of time and again encountered a great recovery with absolutely no complications.

In summary:  Both situations involving my son and me, Dr. Foad took ultimate care of us both with great attention.  The outcomes reflect on us being highly satisfied. My wife Joyce says that Dr. Foad has been such a BLESSING with our family that we will continue following him for orthopedic care wherever he should go, no matter the distance! Dr. Foad also works well together in harmony with his assistants and therapists. Without reservation, we would highly recommend Dr. Abdul Foad as the doctor and surgeon of choice when requiring orthopaedic care as his goal is improving the patient’s health.

Dr. Abdul Foad pictured with Brian Hetrick

Dr. Abdul Foad pictured with Brian Hetrick

Key points regarding Dr. Abdul Foad:

  • Inspires the utmost confidence by his wealth of knowledge, skill, & professionalism.
  • Possesses high standards of exceptional care & quality work.
  • Naturally wonderful personality, offering personable service.
  • Truly caring, considerate, & dedicated.
  • Goes above & beyond his call of duty.

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