Jenny Kayser

Shoulder Patient

Shoulder Patient: As a full-time working mother of three very active kids, my life drastically changed when I injured my shoulder.  I went through 9 months of pain, cortisone shots, physical therapy sessions and office exams with two well-known orthopaedic specialists in the area.  Each time, being told that they felt everything was structurally sound and healing would take time.  As the pain intensified and the function of my entire arm started to progressively decline, I could no longer sleep or participate in numerous activities.  My family and I were worried it would never heal and return to normal.

I was contacted by a friend who had heard of my injury and highly recommended a surgeon by the name of Dr. Abdul Foad.  Nervous that I would be told yet again that nothing that could be done; I went to see Dr. Foad.  That was not the case.  Dr. Foad examined my shoulder, reviewed my MRI, and told me that he was fairly confident that I had a tear in my labrum.  He went into great detail explaining my injury and the different procedural options that he would recommend to repair it.   His energetic and positive attitude towards my injury and my ability to have a full recovery gave me complete confidence in his abilities.  Days later I went in for arthroscopic surgery, which confirmed it was torn and allowed him to perform a Biceps Tenodesis.  The type of procedure he used, called the Modified Norwegian Method, allowed my injury to be repaired with no additional incisions to be made.

Not only did Dr. Foad closely follow my progress and make himself accessible for any questions, he referred me to an amazing physical therapist who was pivotal in my recovery.  Between Dr. Foad and Brad Harper, I am completely pain free and back to normal.  Better than normal – my left side is now stronger than my right side!

Remarkable is the only way I can describe the excellent, personable, and compassionate care Dr. Foad and his staff provided me.  He became a friend throughout the process and I will always be indebted to him for the piece of my life that he was able to give back to me.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!

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