Jan Butler

Jan Butler

Hamstring Patient - Sports Injury

I am a Martial Arts Instructor and I could write a book about how wonderful Dr. Foad is, but to make a long story short, I will cut it down to one chapter.

I got hurt helping a friend move some equipment on February 6 th , 2018 and was taken to the hospital where they gave me a morphine shot (did nothing for the pain). I was told to go to orthopedic as soon as possible. I went to a local orthopedic surgeon on February 8 th and they did an x-ray and then took me to a waiting room and told me to have a seat. I said I couldn’t sit as it hurt too much. The doctor came in and I could tell that he was in a hectic rush. He asked me if I could move my leg and I did with much effort and pain. The doctor said he would look at the x-ray again. He came back a few minutes later and said it didn’t look like it was off the bone and for me to go home and ice it and take Aleve, and that he would see me in a month. Then he looked at the crutch I was using and told me condescendingly that I did not need it. Total time spent with me – 3 to 4 minutes at the most!

After a week and in the worse agonizing pain I have ever had, I called the office and was told that the doctor’s nurse would call me back. After a week and still no phone call back, I called them back again and was told the SAME thing. Finally, after a few hours, a nurse finally returned my call and asked what the problem was. After stating my pain and foot going numb and unable to sit or sleep, I was again told to just keep icing it and take Aleve. After another couple of weeks, the pain started to subside a little, but my leg was still black and blue.

I had met Dr. Foad a month earlier and was very impressed with his kindness and genuine care as he was going to operate on my wife’s shoulder. She did a lot of research on her own and her chiro also recommended Dr. Foad. Thank the good Lord above!

My wife was going for follow ups after her surgery with Dr. Foad and he was asking her about our family. She mentioned to him about my accident and all the pain I was in. He told her to have me come in and see him. So six weeks after my initial injury, I went to see Dr. Foad. He was pretty sure by looking at my leg that my hamstring was off the bone. He said he would send me in for an MRI, but unfortunately, he was going to be gone for a week.

After my MRI and meeting with Dr. Foad, he said that my hamstring was all the way off the bone and snapped backup into the middle of my leg. He said I needed surgery and no one in the area was going to be able to do this surgery with good results. Dr. Foad suggested I go see his friend, the world-renowned expert Dr. LaPrade in Vail, Colorado. This was on a Thursday. After going home and discussing this with my wife, we decided I better go to Colorado. So my wife called Dr. Foad back and asked him if I went to Colorado, when could I get in. Dr. Foad said he had already called

Dr. LaPrade and said for me to be there on Monday, and he would operate on Tuesday. WOW! What a whirlwind. I quickly made arrangements and flew to Denver and drove with a friend to Vail. I met Dr. LaPrade and he is just as friendly and great as Dr. Foad. He spent time with me to go over everything about the surgery and he even apologized for the doctor from the other place for not diagnosing me correctly. I had the surgery and 2 days later, I came home. Then Dr. Foad took over my care and rehab.

I am very blessed to be able to keep teaching martial arts and to not be in pain. I would say I am about 90% now which is great for the injury I had. I owe my recovery and use of my left leg to Dr. Foad.

Dr. Foad practices with all the newest technology but he still treats people in the old school way, where patients are real people with real problems, not just numbers or dollar signs. A doctor shouldn’t be judged as successful because of a big office or hospital or number of staff members, or from material possessions or wealth. A doctor is truly successful by the care and number of highly successful outcomes that their patients have.

So, if you are looking for a doctor who chooses quality over quantity, you need to look no further. Trust me, Dr. Foad is all that I have stated and more. He and his staff are awesome, and you will be more than happy with his talents. Just read all the other testimonials!!!