James Manion

Knee and Carpal Tunnel Patient

Knee and Carpal Tunnel Patient: I have 10 years experience with Dr. Foad.  Three times I have had extremely successful surgery by Dr. Foad, one surgery that other doctors deemed impossible.

In 2006, after being referred by work to an orthopaedic specialist, whose only solution to a knee injury was physical therapy, we called Dr. Foad’s office and he saw me the next day. He diagnosed me with a torn meniscus that would not ‘just heal’ with physical therapy.  Dr. Foad’s depth of knowledge and expertise is comforting as he explains the step-by-step surgical procedure and recovery.  My surgery, recovery, and return to full work capacity were exactly as he stated.

In 2014 in Davenport, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. They told me my right hand had “profound median nerve compression neuropathy” and was past repairing.  Another orthopaedic surgeon told me that I would have to live with the loss of full use of that hand, but would repair my left hand. Driving back to Clinton, my wife and I discussed Dr. Foad’s expertise with my knee, so we made an appointment with him.  He received the nerve testing results showing ‘no response’ on my right hand, and recommended we do carpal tunnel release surgery on that immediately.  Dr. Foad did both hands, and I amazingly have full use and strength back in both hands and am back at work with no restrictions.

I went from considering my options for early retirement to a full and productive life thanks to Dr. Foad doing what other doctors said could not be done.

I would recommend Dr. Foad and get the opinion of a true professional who is honest, trustworthy, and the best orthopaedic surgeon I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.   He will tell you the truth about your possibilities, and cares deeply about his patients.

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