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J.D. Rios

Elbow Patient - Sports Injury

In the last few years, my prior careers in the military and as a golf professional have caught up to me. I’ve had several chronic injuries that required professional care including a knee and elbow. I’d seen several local physicians for these injuries and found that the treatment was both ineffective and the consultations very impersonal.

At the recommendation of a close friend, I visited Dr. Foad. From our first appointment, I found Dr. Foad to be extremely engaging, clear and deliberate in his thoughts, and found his approach to care aligned with my desire to be able to return to the gym and continue to play golf. More importantly, his first thoughts were not of surgery but of rehabilitation, and his been highly effective. When rehabilitation did not prove effective. Dr. Foad explained the risks and rewards of surgery plainly and succinctly and set expectations for recovery perfectly. He took a genuine interest in me as a patient and in my successful recovery – for which I could not be more appreciative. In both instances, my surgery was highly successful and the outcomes could not have been better.

Lastly, as an owner of several gyms and fitness centers, I have sent several of members who have struggled with chronic injuries and poor care to visit with Dr. Foad. I have yet to hear anything but glowing responses when asked how their visits went with him. I cannot recommend Dr. Foad more highly or more enthusiastically!