Greg and Patti Snakenberg

Shoulder and Knee Patients

Shoulder and Knee Patients: My wife and I have both had surgeries performed by Dr. Foad.  I had a persistent problem with my shoulder that worsened over time.  I was no longer able to work out, participate in sports, get a good night’s sleep, or perform daily tasks without pain. Dr. Foad examined me, ordered imaging studies and then thoroughly reviewed my options with me, while considering my age and lifestyle.

Patti injured her right knee and was unable to bear weight. Dr. Foad’s office staff made an appointment in a timely manner and contacted her insurance carrier to make sure everything was in place. Their prompt coordinated efforts resulted in a successful repair and speedy recovery.

We both were very impressed with the friendliness, the efficiency, the personalization, and the professionalism of Dr. Foad and his staff. They worked in coordination with the imaging center, the physical therapists, and the surgical staff. We are very happy that we chose Dr. Foad and his team and would highly recommend them for your Orthopaedic needs.

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