Kerry Humes, MD

Mother of Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury

Mother of Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury: Our son is a competitive tennis player who entered his Senior high school season hoping for a State title.  Midway through the season he stretched and had the sudden onset of right shoulder pain.  After a few weeks, we went to see Dr. Foad.  He was concerned he had a tear, but understood Charlie’s desire to finish his season.  He explained all the options in detail including the pros and cons of immediate surgery versus waiting until after the high school season finished.  Charlie opted to wait and received a cortisone injection.  He finished out the season (including winning the state title!).  Dr. Foad operated on Charlie’s shoulder in June of 2016.  He did a fantastic job of explaining the operation to both Charlie and me.  He answered all our questions and was extremely thorough and reassuring.  After Charlie’s surgery, he found me in the waiting room and reviewed everything he did, complete with pictures of the surgery.   Charlie has recovered quickly and is preparing for his first season of collegiate tennis.  Dr. Foad did a fantastic job not only with the surgery, but also keeping in mind Charlie’s concerns.  I would highly recommend Dr. Foad.

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