Curt Edmondson

Shoulder Patient

Shoulder Patient: I was having trouble with my right shoulder for some time.  Visits to my family Dr did not help the situation.  A neighbor recommended I contact Dr. Foad.  I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and Dr Foad explained options for the repair.  He also presented pros and cons of different methods of surgery and rehabilitation that other surgeon’s may follow.  I felt his recommendation for rehab was forward thinking and the right choice for me.  Prior to surgery Dr Foad ensured I was fully aware of my condition, what he could do for me and what to expect during surgery, recovery and therapy.  I had a trip planned and he adjusted the schedule to ensure I would be able to fully enjoy my vacation.  All went as planned and since surgery I have complete and pain free motion.

Five years later I slipped on some ice and impacted my left shoulder.  I went to Dr Foad for his advice.  He diagnosed my condition as another torn rotator cuff.   He approached this condition the same way he did as my other shoulder except he explained how rotator cuff surgery and rehab had evolved since my last surgery.  Again, Dr Foad made sure I fully understood the procedure, recovery and therapy.   Now I have complete and free motion in both shoulders.

I feel Dr Foad keeps abreast of new research and procedures to the benefit of the patient.

From initial analysis, testing, surgery and recovery Dr Foad and his staff were totally dedicated to ensure that everything was done in my best interest.

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