Chad Jens

Knee Patient

Knee Patient: I have known Dr. Foad for several years, originally meeting him in the gym where we both worked out. I must say he is the most approachable and down to earth doctor I have ever met. Because he is an athlete himself I feel he has a much better understanding of his patients who are athletes. He is better able to relate to them and understand not only their physical injuries but their state of mind as well. As a competitive bodybuilder, it was very clear to me that he was able to understand not only my physical, but also my mental and emotional needs as his patient.

I came to Dr. Foad after being in a very serious car accident, where I sustained many injuries, but I came to him to address my broken knee. After visiting another local orthopaedic surgeon and leaving feeling extremely dissatisfied, I came to Dr. Foad. He was able to rearrange his schedule and see me the next morning, he even went out of his way to call me with my test results on the weekend. He went above and beyond to put my needs as his patient first. Whereas most doctors would have recommended surgery, he was 100% honest with me and explained how surgery may not benefit me in any way. He thoroughly explained my injuries, treatment options, and prognosis to me and made sure I understood all of these. Under his care I avoided a unnecessary surgery, and was able to get my test results weeks faster than anywhere else. As an athlete, recovery time is of the utmost importance. Dr. Foad understood this and I was able to make a complete and quick recovery under his care.

I have and will continue to refer anyone I know who is need of orthopaedic care to Dr. Foad. Those who I have referred have all been completely satisfied and impressed with the care they have received! He is not only an amazing surgeon but also a very good friend!!!

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