Cassy Broderick

Knee Patient - Sports Injury

Knee Patient – Sports Injury: I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Foad back in 2011 when I fully tore my ACL, had a partial Meniscus tear and a bone contusion injury in a college soccer game. Although this was a rough time for me, Dr. Foad was able to make it a positive and easy experience.

Dr. Foad went the extra mile by walking me through the entire procedure; he made sure I was comfortable with everything. With an ACL surgery there are a few options to repair the ACL and he made sure to explain each of those too me. On top of fully clarifying my situation in a way I can understand, he was very personable and had a contagious positive energy every time I talked with him. I was sold after one visit; I knew I wanted him to do my surgery.

Through the entire process of recovery Dr. Foad was there for anything I needed. He made sure I was keeping up with therapy and hitting my goal of playing soccer again. The entire process was smooth and the surgery went amazingly well. You can tell when Dr. Foad talks to you that he genuinely cares about your well-being and what is best for you. You don’t always find that in a doctor, he is one of a kind!

After surgery I was able to hit my goal of playing soccer again after college. Not only did I play again, I played at a higher level (semi-pro). I would not have had the confidence and courage to do that if it wasn’t for Dr. Foad. He was a partner, motivator and friend throughout my entire journey. Hopefully I will not require another surgery…but if I do, you know where I will be headed!

Rather than continue on with this litany of praise, I will say one thing… choose Dr. Foad, it’s the best choice you can make on your journey to recovery.

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