Squatting 661 pounds

Bob Weber

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries: I have gone to Dr. Foad over the years for many injuries I have sustained playing sports and competitive powerlifting. From lifting heavy weights, I developed a big ganglion knot on my wrist (which I named “Mike”), and for quite awhile, I was trying everything on my own to get rid of it which even included slamming it with a book many times. (Not recommended) 🙂

Dr. Foad told me if I ever decided to have it surgically removed, that he would perform the surgery. So we made an appointment to have the ganglion knot surgically removed. Dr. Foad made me feel so comfortable through the whole process and has always treated me like I was family, especially over these past 8+ years. There is no Doctor that I would rather trust to treat me for my injuries or perform my surgeries because he is a Doctor that cares and takes pride in his patients.

(Bob squatting 661 pounds in the image to the left)

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