Amy Rios

Amy Rios

Shoulder Patient - Sports Injury

I’ve had challenges with my shoulder and knee over the last several years and have seen several popular local physicians, which resulted in each case with a surgical procedure.

In each case I have not been even remotely satisfied with the outcome though the surgeon’s have seemed delighted. But a successful surgery is not the way that I want to measure success but rather by my ability to return to normal activities with no pain and few limitations.

Recently I went to see Dr. Foad in effort to readdress both recurring knee and shoulder issues. Dr. Foad continues to impress me as he is honest about the expected outcome and doesn’t guide my decisions by his surgical schedule but by the patient outcomes.

For me, there isn’t another physician I would see knowing how he has my interests in mind, checks on my results with rehabilitation and is truly pleased when my progress meets my own goals. I feel fortunate that Dr. Foad is a brilliant local option to the others I’ve tried.