Ali Aiello

Knee Patient - Sports Injury

Knee Patient – Sports Injury: I came to Dr. Foad with a completely torn ACL in my left knee that I suffered while playing basketball. It was an old injury and I had put off surgery for years so I came with the hope that my knee could be salvaged. Prior to the surgery, I was impressed by Dr. Foad’s attention to detail and his clear explanation of all the different surgery options available as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. He took the time to explain what he recommended and ensured I was completely comfortable with the procedure that he was going to perform. After the surgery, he again sat down with me to show me pictures of what had been done and talk about next steps toward recovery. As a patient, I really appreciated how Dr. Foad kept me involved throughout the whole process.

As I went through physical therapy and completed my rehabilitation, Dr. Foad continuously followed up with me to check on my progress and ensure I was properly healing. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the results of my surgery. Not only has the stability in my knee returned, but I have also regained full range of motion! Due to Dr. Foad’s excellent care, today I am able to do many activities that I took for granted in the past. If you have suffered an injury requiring orthopaedic care, I would definitely recommend Dr. Foad as your doctor of choice!

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