Spencer Sherwood

Shoulder Patient - Sports Injury

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury: I was beyond impressed with the treatment my son received from Dr. Foad and his staff. When my son injured his shoulder during wrestling season several people recommended we make the trip to the Quad Cities and have Dr. Foad examine him. I am thankful we made the trip. Dr. Foad understood the urgency of getting the injury diagnosed and then repaired. He spent an extended amount of time explaining the injury and then laying out treatments. I cannot believe how efficiently his office operates with him spending so much time consulting his patients. The convenience of his surgical center is unmatched. You drive up to the door and are literally in the surgical room. After surgery Dr. Foad explained in detail how the procedure went and what to expect with recovery. Because of Dr. Foad’s surgical knowledge and skill my son has been able to continue to compete in the sports he loves. My experiences with Dr. Foad allow me to strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of orthopedic care.

Alex Sherwood (Father of Spencer Sherwood)

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