Adam Peters

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury

Shoulder Patient – Sports Injury: Dr. Foad was one of three orthopedic surgeons I met with after being told that my right labrum in my shoulder was torn and would likely need surgery. Traveling from Central Illinois to Dr. Foad’s office in Iowa was well worth the trip, as I could immediately tell that he was genuinely concerned with my injury and wanted to fully understand my goals of beginning my college baseball career. Without Dr. Foad’s surgical intervention and physical therapy plan, I would not have been able to return to the field at the same level that I was at before my injury. A simple search on the internet would show that the outlook for a baseball player’s return after a labrum surgery can be bleak, but Dr. Foad’s surgical techniques have allowed me to regain complete range of motion and strength in my throwing arm. Dr. Foad and his staff were not only in close contact with me during the time of my procedure and subsequent follow up appointments, but have also kept up with my progress even two years after the procedure.

I am very thankful to Dr. Foad and his nurses and staff for helping me continue my baseball career. His confidence and ability to understand my goals were extremely comforting to me in a time that I thought my baseball career could be finished. I have recommended his services to former teammates who have suffered similar injuries and promised them that the trip from a different state was well worth it. Dr. Foad is a special type of surgeon, one who has a sincere care for his patients and their futures, and I would absolutely recommend him again.

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